Equifirst Classic Sport Cube



The competition cube for your sport and leisure horses

A delicious pelleted feed composed of grains linseed and easily digestible fibers (soya hulls, alfalfa).
Enriched with vitamins (vitamin A, D3, B12, E and biotin), minerals and trace elements, this formula is an ideal basis for a healthy and balanced feed ration.
The balance between starches, sugars, fats and crude fibers supplies the horse with enough energy, but also helps the natural balance of the intestinal flora.
Easy and economical to feed.


The quantity per horse is per 100 kg live weight and per day in function of the temperament and the stage of training, complemented by minimum 5 to 7 kg of good quality roughage (hay and straw).

Maintenance – light work                 300 g – 500 g
Light – moderate work                     500 g – 600 g
Moderate – hard work                      600 g – 750 g
Hard work                                          750 g – 1 kg 

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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