Equifirst Energy Racing Mix



High energy mix with large amount of black oats.

A high quality mix made from highly digestible cereals (spelt, corn, barley) and black oats.
The custom amount of sugat and starch makes this feed ideal for racehorses and sport horses doing very explosive short term efforts.
The pellet, extra small and tasty, is rich in high quality protein (such as lysine and methionine), vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
The pellet is enriched with prebiotics of the type FOS and a probiotics of type FAP, what help preserve the natural balance of the intestinal flora and support a faster recovery oh the horse after heavy performance.


The quantity per horse is per per 100 kg live weight and per day in function of the temperament and the stage of training, complemented by minimum 5 – 7 kg of good quality roughage (hay and straw).

Maintenance – Light work: 300 g – 500 g
Light – moderate work: 500 g – 600 g
Moderate – hard work: 600 g – 750 g
Hard work: 750 g – 1 kg

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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