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Healthy Tummy

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HEALTHY TUMMY is a complete, high-calorie fibre feed containing the latest ingredients known to promote gut health including alfalfa.


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Taking the latest ingredients known to promote gut health, including alfalfa grown in our own fields, Healthy Tummy is the ideal way to keep your horse healthy and happy.

At a semiar hosted by Dengie earlier this year, leading veterinary expert Professor Celia Marr from the world famous Rossdales Equine Hospital Diagnostic Centre in Newmarket, gave an update on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS).

Recent research suggests that once horses begin training their likelihood of developing gastric ulcers increases. 17-58% of competition and show horses in competitive work have ulcers and the most surprising results were that pleasure horses – 37-59% suffer from EGUS. While there are many possible causes, high concentrate diets and intense exercise have been identified as the trigger in many equines.

Feeding more fibre and reducing reliance on cereal based feeds can be beneficial and advice is that starch intake should be less than 2g per KG of bodyweight per day to reduce the risk of ulcers.

The new BETA approval mark for equines prone to EGUS created in conjunction with the VMD and launched earlier this year has been created to help owners identify feeds that are suitable for horses and ponies prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

Visit our feed advice pages for additional feeding advice for horses and ponies prone to EGUS.

Key Benefits of Healthy Tummy

Provides 11.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, which is comparable to a medium energy mix or cube
Made from pure alfalfa which is naturally low in sugar and starch and is proven to be a natural buffer to maintain correct acidity levels in the digestive tract
Contains Protexin In-Feed Formula, which supplies prebiotics and yeast to maintain gut health.
A high specification of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins plus additional magnesium and calcium are included to help maintain optimal digestive health
Contains a unique blend of herbs including oregano, cinnamon and ginger which are believed to be powerful antioxidants
A light oil coating has been included for slow release energy and coat shine
Free from molasses and preservatives
How to feed Healthy Tummy

For horses at rest or in light work:

Healthy Tummy is a nutritionally complete feed containing all the vitamins and minerals your horse or pony needs. There is no need to add any mix, cubes or supplements as long as you are feeding the recommended levels.

For horses in moderate and hard work:

Feeding a high fibre diet is essential should your horse be suffering or have had ulcers in the past. Healthy Tummy can be fed alongside Alfa-Beet to increase energy intake to meet the requirements of harder work. Healthy Tummy can also be fed alongside mixes and cubes to help counteract the effects of using cereal based feeds.

Feeding Guide

The feeding rate for Healthy Tummy is 500g per 100kg of bodyweight when using as a complete feed.

*If using as the sole feed alongside forage.

Horse or Pony Size Guide (hh) Approx Weight (kg) Healthy Tummy (kg/day)* Stubbs Scoops (per day)
Small Pony (eg: Welsh Pony, Exmoor) 9–13 200 1 2
Large Pony (eg: Fell) 13.1–14.2 300 1.5 3
Small Horse (eg: Arab) 14.3–15.2 400 2 4
Medium Horse (eg: Thoroughbred) 15.3–16.2 500 2.5 5
Large Horse (eg: Warmblood) over 16.2 600 3 6
Nutritional analysis
Typical analysis ‘as fed’
Digestible Energy MJ/kg 11.5
Crude Protein % 14
Oil % 8.5
Crude Fibre % 27
Copper mg/kg 12
Selenium mg/kg 0.25
Zinc mg/kg 64
Biotin mg/kg 6
Sugar % 4.5
Starch % 2
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Ingredients: Alfalfa, alfalfa pellets, rape seed oil, vitamin and mineral premix, protexin in-feed formula, yeast and prebiotics, herbs

The visual appearance of the actual product may vary due to environmental conditions during growth and time of harvest.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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