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The natural source of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids

The extrusion process also increases the digestibility of the linseed oil. The high nutiotional value and natural presence of the omega-3 unsaturated atty acid (Linolenic acid in linamix have a positive influence on endurance and raise the recovery ability after both short explosive. As heavy long therm intensive efforts. The ‘Slow Release’ energy of the fats supports by short-term fatigue by horses which are sensitive for overuse of their muscles.
LINAMIX is a sage energy source for the horse without influencing the temperament of the horse.

The benefits of Omega-3 :

  • Slow release energy from fat has a positive effect on endurance
  • Stimulates intestinal function and supports digestion.
  • Increases resistance.
  • Smooth and shiny coat.

DumoSweet :

The functional healthy sugar prolonged energy
DumoSweet is the only low glycemic carbohydrate that can give prolonged energy in the form of glucose.

The benefits of DumoSweet:

  • It offers glucose in a more balanced way, this continuous supply over a longer period of time is beneficial for the muscles.
  • Digestion and absorption are almost complete and will take place at the end oh the small intestine.
  • There is no significant glycose drop, as is the case with conventional sugars.
  • It promotes fat burning by increasing the use of body fat and fatty acids as energy sources.

Chicory Fibre :

Soluble and fermentable fibers the benefits of chicory :

  • The soluble and high digestible fivers absorb water, which improves the structure of the intestinal contents. This helps digestion and helps the natural balance of intestinal flora to maintain.

Vitamin E: antioxidant.

The benefits of vitamine E :

  • Protects body cells against free radicals.
  • In support of the muscular system and recovery capability in horses that need to deliver peak performance.

Organic selenium : antioxidant.

This form of organic selenium is natural and metabolises more quickly than other selenium available to the horse for specific functions.

The benefits of organic selenium :

  • Together with vitamin E protection of body cells against free radicals.
  • Faster recovery after heavy efforts during peak performances.
  • For supporting the development of the skeletal.
  • Exchange of selenium between mare and foal.

LINAMIX is a supplement, meaning it can be given on top of the daily ration.
Dosage should be gradually increased over a period of at least 1 week.

  • Sport horses: Supply Linamix minimum 30 days before the beginning and during the whole competition period.
  • Stallions: Supply Linamix from 60 day before and during the whole breeding period.
  • Breeding mares: Supply LINAMIX from the last 90 gestating days and during the first 3 months of the lactation period.
  • For best results: 60 days before covering until weaning period of their foals.
  • Horses for sale: Supply LINAMIX minimum 60 days before the sale.

The recommended dose is 50 – 200 g per 100 kg live weight per horse per day, mixed with the basic ration and divided over the number of feeds. The quantity of head feed should be reduced with the quantity of added LINAMIX.
The following quantity per horse is per 100 kg live weight and per day in function of the temperament and the stage of training, complemented by minimum 5 – 7 kg of goods quality roughage (hay and straw).

Foals : 100 g
Foals after weaning : 100 g
Breeding mares : 100 g – 200 g
Horses in maintenance – light work : 50 g
Horses in light – moderate work : 50 g – 100 g
Horses in moderate – hard work : 100 g – 200 g

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