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A high energy pelleted feed based on stabilised rice bran for racehorses and sport horses competing at the highest level.
A top quality and highly palatable cube made from digestible cereals (maize and barley) and oils
Contains optimum amounts of sugar and starch making it ideal for racehorses and sport horses requiring quick release energy.
Equifirst Energy RiceLin contains high-quality protein providing essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine and vitamins and minerals essential for hard working racehorses and sport horses.
The high content of stabilised rice bran and other oils optimise the balance between slow and quick release energy sources
Helps maintain recovery following long and intensive work periods
May also be fed to sport horses, competing or working in equestrian disciplines such as eventing, endurance, dressage, point-to- point, NH racing and trotting.
Contains highly digestible cereals such as maize and barley and linseed
The inclusion of linseed and vegetable oils maintain a healthy shine on the coat
Supports body condition of horses in hard work and competition horses prone to losing weight
A full complement of B vitamins helps to nutritionally support energy utilisation and maintain appetite.
Elevated vitamin E inclusion to nutritionally maintain athletic performance and provide antioxidant support
Digestible Energy (D.E.) – 12.8 MJ/Kg
Crude Protein (CP)- 12%
Oil – 6.0%
Crude Fibre – 12%
Ash – 8%
Sugar – 5.0%
Starch – 28%
Vitamins and Minerals
Vit A – 12,000 IU/kg
Vit D – 1440 IU/Kg
Vit E – 4000 IU/Kg
Biotin -190 ug/kg
Vit B12 – 37 ug/kg
Also Contains B1, B2, B6, K
Calcium – 1.2 %
Phosphorus – 0.38%
Sodium – 0.39%
Magnesium – 0.32%
Copper – 21 mg/kg
Iron -263 mg/kg
Zinc – 85 mg/kg
Manganese -80 mg/kg
Cobalt – 0.73 mg/kg
Iodine – 0.56 mg/kg
Selenium – 0.26/0.2* mg/kg organic source
Antioxidant BHT/E321(mg) 6
* Selenium organic source
Recommended Feeding Rate is given per 100kg of bodyweight and is determined by stage of
training and workload.
To be fed with a minimum of 7kg good quality forage per day
Equifirst Energy RiceLin 100kg bodyweight 500kg bodyweight Horse
Maintenance to light work 300-500g /day 1.5 – 2.5kg /day
Light to moderate work 500-600g /day 2.5 – 3.0kg /day
Moderate to hard work 600-750g /day 3.0 – 3.75kg /day
Hard work 750g – 1kg /day 3.75 – 5kg /day
Barley, soyabean hulls*. alfalfa meal, beet pulp, distillers grains, maize, rice bran, isomaltose, molasses, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, soya beans *, sodium bicarbonate, linseed, wheat, magnesium oxide
* Produced with GMO soya.

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