Pure Performance


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Pure Performance
Our highest energy feed, we see this feed as our very own hybrid as we use Dual Fuel technology. We have combined our high fibre, high oil feed with the best whole oats we can find to offer a feed that powers top competition and racehorses. With the addition of oats into this ration, the energy sources available to the horse are both of the fast release type and the slow release, giving outstanding, sustained and controlled power. Pure Balance provides the vitamins and minerals along with digestive enhancers to make this feed the very best possible for all competition horses.

Grass pellets, Oatstraw chaff, Oatfeed pellets, Pure balance, Soya oil, Soya flakes, Un-molassed sugar beet, Bruised oats, Salt

Feeding rate
500-1000g per 100kg of body weight depending on condition and work done.

We recommend that you dampen with water before feeding.

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