Spillers Senior Conditioning Mix


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SPILLERS Senior Conditioning Mix is ideal for active senior horses or those that have difficulty holding weight.
Precisely formulated for the senior horse requiring extra support to help build and maintain condition and topline.
Contains easily digested steam flaked cereals and rapeseed oil for conditioning alongside highly digestible fibre
Small sized particles ensure it is easy to chew for horses with poor teeth.
Contains glucosamine to help support joint mobility and live yeast to maintain gut health.
Includes chelated minerals for better absorption in the gut, and antioxidants to support the immune system.

Product Benefits
Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional Specification
Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 12.2
Oil (%) 5.0
Protein (%) 14.0
Fibre (%) 10.0
Starch (%) 25.0
Vitamin A (iu/kg) 125000
Vitamin D3 (iu/kg) 1500
Vitamin E (iu/kg) 250
Selenium (mg/kg) 0.30
Copper (mg/kg) 30
Zinc (mg/kg) 100

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Weight 20 kg


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