Spillers Stamina + Cubes


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SPILLERS RESPONSE Slow Release Energy Feeds are ideal for excitable horses that need both control and power.

  • Higher in high digestible fibre and oil
  • Relatively low levels of starch in these feeds also mean that they are useful in the management of horses prone to tying up, colic etc.

SPILLERS RESPONSE Slow Release Energy Mix and Cubes are almost identical in their formulation, but we recognise some horses and ponies have a preference for either cubes or mix so we have made both forms available.

The SPILLERS RESPONSE feeds are perfectly balanced:

  • They have identical levels of high quality protein and similar levels of energy perfectly suited to the demands placed on a competition horse
  • All the feeds contain the same high specification micronutrient pack including chelated minerals and antioxidant vitamins to support athletic performance

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