Feedmark Benevit Advance 25kg


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Feedmark Benevit Advance
A broad spectrum multi vitamin and mineral supplement to help balance the diet of horses and ponies on low levels of feed or forage only diets, combined with Omega-3 & 6 helping your horse to look good and feel great.

• 25 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to complement UK forage
• Delivers the important antioxidants vitamin E and selenium
• Includes key B vitamins
• Fortified with omega 3 & 6 to encourage a bloom to any coat
• Suitable for all horses and ponies on low feed or forage only diets
• Palatable granular formulation
• Suitable for pregnant mares, weaning foals and youngstock
• NOPS approved

• Vitamins, mineral and amino acids
• Micronised linseed
• Micronised maize meal

Daily feeding rate
Miniature (under 250kg) 0.75 scoop (maintenance/lightwork) 1.25 scoops (medium/hardwork)
Pony (250kg – 400kg) 1.5 scoops (maintenance/lightwork) 2 scoops (medium/hardwork)
Horse (400kg – 600kg) 2 scoop (maintenance/lightwork) 3 scoops (medium/hardwork)
Large Horse (over 600kg) 2.75 scoops (maintenance/lightwork) 4 scoops (medium/hardwork)


• Feed according to your horse’s body weight
• Introduce to the horses diet gradually splitting between feeds (when applicable)
• Benevit Advance helps to balance a forage based diet therefore no additional broad spectrum supplement or high level compound feeds are required
• Feed according to your horses work rate, for horses at rest or light work feed the maintenance rate. For horses in medium to hard work please feed at the hard work rate
• For youngstock (weaning to 3 years) and pregnant mares (during the last 3 months of gestation) should be fed at the hard work rate


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Weight 25 kg


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