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ReadySupp Grumpy Girth helps maintain gastric harmony while soothing, supporting and reducing the risk.

This carefully formulated supplement contains a powerful blend of herbs such as slippery elm, marshmallow and liquorice, as well as hydro-phobic lecithin and pectin which help support a healthy gastric system. Natural ingredients help to ‘soak up’ harmful excess acid and encourage optimum function of stomach cells.

This comprehensive gastric supplement is designed to help support a more focused training, a happier attitude, and a more comfortable horse.

Recommended for all performance horses under the stress and pressure of training and competing, those travelling regularly, and those with compromised gastric health.


One 100ml scoop supplies approximately 63g of product.

Key ingredients:

• Slippery Elm powder

• Liquorice root powder

• Marshmallow root powder

• Magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate

• Apple pectin and soy lecithin

• Threonine and zinc

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