Burgess Supa Rabbit Excel Food 10kg


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Burgess Supa Rabbit Excel is a Complementary Nutritionally Balanced, Rabbit Food in Pellet form that is Veterinary Recommended. All of the Nutritious Ingredients are Blended together and then Extrusion Cooked into easily manageable pellets, so that rabbits eat all the food. Supa Rabbit Excel is High in Digestible Fibre & Low in Starch Content.

Supa Rabbit Excel is Supplemented with Minerals & Vitamins and includes the correct Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio. The Food also contains Profeed, a Blend of Natural Carbohydrates, that are a source of Fructo Oligosaccharides, which behave as Soluble Dietry Fibre. These provide an Energy Source for only the Beneficial Bacteria in the Intestinal Tract of the Rabbit, which helps improve Motility, Aid Gut Fermentation & Nutrient Digestion.

Profeed helps regulate the Sensitive Intestinal Tract & Protects it against Fermentation Disorders, for Healthier Digestion. Supa Rabbit Excel has been designed to be fed alongside an ad-lib supply of good quality roughage, such as Hay or Dried Grass.

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