Henry’s Sow Weaner Nuts


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Protein 16%    Oil 2.5%       Fibre 5%

Henry’s Sow weaner is A highly quality diet specifically formulated to be fed to sows and their piglets to ensure good milk production which results in well grown, healthy piglets that can be weaned from 8 weeks of age.

Feed at a rate of between 5 to 8kg per sow and litter, depending on the environmental conditions and the size of piglets.

From 8 weeks old piglets should be gradually introduced to their next feed.

Pig Grower/ Finisher Nuts

Protein 19%    Oil 2.5%       Fibre 4%

A balanced ration available through Henry Cole & Co Ltd. Feeding rates will depend on growth rates as required.

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Weight 20 kg


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