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Agrobs Alpengrun Mash Gut Restorer 15kg

AlpenGrün Mash consists primarily of Prenatura®-Fibers, made up of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs. Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura®-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestine well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora.

Linseed granulate (cyanide free) and psyllium seeds provide a high content of mucins (gums) and the additional unsaturated fats have a positive effect on skin and fur.

AlpenGrün Mash is rounded off with beetroot, carrot, apple and parsnip which makes the Mash particularly tasty. Dried rose-hip skins support a healthy immune system and fennel and caraway seeds aid digestion further.

cereal and bran free

rich in fiber

furthers digestion


rich in intestine-nutrifying mucins

rich in nutrients

particularly tasty

molasses free

quick and easy to prepare

daily treatment feeding possible

cost-effective thanks to high yield


horses with sensitive metabolism (laminitis, EMS, PSSM, Cushing, KPU)

before and during moulting

prevention for horses with sensitive digestion

digestion problems

for regeneration or as additional feed

for older horses

healthy supplement to normal feed ration

Feeding Guidelines

Add hot, not boiling, water to 80 – 100g AlpenGrün Mash per 100kg body weight and stir well. Leave to soak for 5-10 minutes and feed when still lukewarm. In summer, AlpenGrün Mash can be prepared with cold water.

Ratio of AlpenGrün Mash to water = 1 : 3 to 1 : 7 (e.g.: 0.5kg AlpenGrün Mash : 1.5l water)

For horses with lower feeding needs, normal fodder amount should be reduced accordingly.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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