Rowen Barbary Soft N Soak Readymash Extra


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A complementary feed designed for horses that need a higher calorie diet for conditioning and controlled weight gain, whilst providing an excellent source of slow release energy from the structured fibre.

With high levels of essential oils and milk powders ReadyMash Extra is designed to help horses achieve the required body condition, whilst ensuring a great coat bloom. The inclusion of glucose powders helps to supply an excellent energy source, aiding reduced recovery time after strenuous work or any illness.

The high fibre content helps to encourage slow rates of digestion throughout the hind gut and is particularly valuable for horses requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system.

With an advanced vitamin and mineral supplement Vitem, to provide your horse with all the essential nutrients needed for a fully balanced diet ReadyMash Extra is suitable for everyday feeding.


Feeding Guide

Daily quantities depend much on performance required and body condition but will range typically from 1.0kg to 4.5kg of DRY feed daily (Shared between feeds).

Soak for 5 minutes with a minimum of equal volumes of dry feed and water or to your preferred consistency. (1 level round scoop = 1.15kg of feed approx and 1 level round scoop = 1.75kg of water approx).

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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