Equine America Ulser Gard Solution


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Uls-Gard Regular Solution 1L – Equine America
For horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers
Ulser Gard Solution should be fed daily to any Horse or Pony when they are

On a high grain diet.
In high levels of work.
Showing signs of ulceration e.g. dull coat, underperforming, loss of weight and condition, yawning or gulping, or reluctance to eat hard feed.
During or after use of NSAID – e.g. Bute.
Ulser Gard works in four ways:

By neutralizing acid in the stomach with effective anti-acids.
Soothing and coating the stomach lining.
Healing any underlying ulcers.
Firming stools.
Original U-Gard Plus was found to be the most effective and affordable alternative to Gastrogard by the Horse Journal.
Supplied Size: 1L – 2 months supply for an average horse

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