Allen and Page Cool & Collected


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Allen and page Cool & Collected

For Calm & Composed Leisure Riding

  • For horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work
  • Ideal for horses and ponies that suffer from feed-related behaviour issues
  • Highly digestible with high fibre energy sources and boosted with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains a unique pre and probiotic blend
  • Suitable for horses and ponies with intolerances to barley and molasses
  • Quick soak – less than 3 minutes!

Cool & Collected has been specially formulated for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Cool & Collected is low in starch, which makes it ideal for horses and ponies that tend to become fizzy on traditional mid-range energy feeds. Using only the finest Non-GM ingredients, Cool & Collected contains a unique blend of pre and probiotics and is balanced with vitamins and minerals, providing all the nutritional requirements for optimum health.

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